Demo 9

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  • Raadhuispleinx


Municipality of Waalwijk


Make a master plan for the lighting of Raadhuisplein. With light, strengthen the center function of Waalwijk and the safety of the Raadhuisplein, keep energy consumption as low as possible, illuminate the existing Kropholler architecture and match the design with the current lighting.


– Creation of a direct marking of the center area by building up light levels towards the Raadhuisplein
– Illuminate unlit parts to achieve safety.

Be Seen
– Light and color levels of the existing and new lighting match. This creates tranquility and a coherent overview in the lighting design.

– By lighting a few points in the mostly neutral white-lit environment with a warm white color, a play is created between ‘silver’ and ‘gold’.

– Illumination switches off at midnight. Because of safety the functional lighting remains switched on. The lighting design is executed with LED fixtures. LED has a long service life and low energy consumption.


Public, outdoor